From AUD $5000 inc.

Plus Visa's

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Welcoming our newest partner Nathan from Melbourne.

Feel free to contact him direct with any inquiries from Victoria.

What exactly are you looking for,

We can take you to Asia for different reasons ie; if you are looking to open a website to sell online, or to sell in the markets, to stock an existing business or just to buy for personal reasons. Just tell us what you want to do and what you need and let us find it for you.

When buying from overseas keep in mind, that if you buy something that is already in Australia the only way you can sell it is, by getting into a price war.

If you buy a product new to the market you find in Thailand, you can sell in new market making a bigger Profit.

Custom Trips

We only take you or your personal group.

This is an individual Trip.

You are Personally Escorted the whole way.

Call Bob or Tony & Nathan. 

Welcome To the Exciting world of Buying in Amazing Thailand

& China.

Your Personal

Business Guides to Asia.


Owned & Operated.


Basic Trip 6 Days 5 Nights PP.

Includes Transfers Hotel & Flight PP.

Extra person sharing Room + $500

+ Airfare. We only take you or your personal group.

From $5000. Bangkok Inclusive.

Leaving from Brisbane  Perth. & Melbourne.

All photos from our latest trip

Next trip on hold 2020.

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Japanese Store
Great Rail Links
Weekend Market.
24 Hour Deli and Markets.
It rains in Bangkok.
1 of thousands of clothes shops
Beautiful Exotic Furniture.
Nip and Tuck Clinics.
More Clothes.
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   Pla WA.     0480 162 074.

Nathan VIC.  0421 908 817.