The Offer.

Are you looking for a factory to Make, Supply or Manufacture a product for you at Thai Prices. Then together with us we will take you Personally direct to Bangkok and China introduce you to the  Owners, Wholesalers & Manufactures.

Do you have products Made In Australia and are looking for an Asian Market?

We are looking for any Product,



for Marketing and Sales in Asia no matter how small or large.

This is your start to an adventure in Wholesale shopping in Asia's largest Markets in Bangkok & China

and other Asian Countries.

We are here for Small Business!

Start-up Internet,Market,Wholesale all types and all Products.

Medical Trips.

We also Escort you to Bangkok for Medical and Other Procedures, Including Dental to the Hospital of your choice, and the Procedures you have Previously arranged.

We travel with you and help you settle in and are available to you as needed while you are there.