The Offer.

Are you looking for a factory to Make, Supply or Manufacture a product for you at Thai Prices. Then together with us we will take you Personally direct to Bangkok introduce you to the  Owners, Wholesalers & Manufactures.

Do you have products Made In Australia and are looking for an Asian Market?
We are looking for any Product,

for Marketing and Sales in Asia no matter how small or large.

This is your start to an adventure in Wholesale shopping in Asia's largest Markets in Bangkok.
and other Asian Countries.
We are here for Small Business!
Start-up, Internet, Market, Wholesale all types and all Products.

 While you are there Why not take a well earned Holiday at one of Thailand's Fabulous Resorts or Just Shop until you Drop!

With Covid-19 almost over it has become very clear to survive in business in the future you Need to , and Have to

You need to go to Asia buy product and sell on the internet here and around the World to prosper in the future.
Now we can travel again you have to be on a plane.
Your survival depends on it!
Do you want to know more?

Call us now for a no obligation talk about how
we can Help. 

From AUD $5000.Includes Your Airfare & Hotel Call us Now! 0405512878.
Or Numbers below.

What exactly are you looking for ?Don't Know, Then let us show you what's available.

We can take you to Asia for different reasons
if you are looking to open a website to sell online, or to sell in the markets, to stock an existing business or just to buy for personal reasons. Just tell us what you want to do and what you need and let us find it for you.

Call us. 
Bob  QLD.   0405 512 878.
Tony WA.     0418 373 200.

Nathan VIC.  0421 908 817.